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Thank you, Dr. Greenberg, for performing our son’s Brit Mila. Not only was it a very nice service, your confidence and advice made us very comfortable before, during and after the Brit. We are very happy we chose Dr. Greenberg as our son’s Mohel!– Liat and Denis

My husband and I were delighted with the care and services we received at your office and thus wanted to submit the following testimonial for you to use at your discretion. When my husband and I had our firstborn we knew we wanted him to be circumsized, but did not like the method employed by the hospital. Desiring a more traditional and personalized procedure; we were thrilled to find Dr. Greenberg’s office. Dr. Greenberg and his staff are friendly, professional, helpful, and knowledgeable. They answered all of our questions, calmed our fears, and at all times displayed patience and kindness towards us and our son. Most importantly, the results from circumcision itself were perfect! When we gave birth to our 2nd son, the choice of where to go was obvious. Dr. Greenberg is a true expert in his field, and I recommend him to everyone I know.– Amanda

On two of the most special days in our family, the circumcision of our two boys, we turned to Dr. Greenberg. His professionalism and calming personality really helped settled our nerves and everything turned out perfectly. Not only was Dr. Greenberg amazing on the day of the circumcision but his follow up was very comforting. We’ve recommended Dr. Greenberg to our friends and family over the years and everyone has had wonderful experiences. – Tammy

I just wanted to take the time to write to you and thank you for the Brit Milah you performed for our son, Jonathan. Although me and my wife were extremely nervous about the procedure (third child, first son) you talked us through it, reassured us and we were pleasantly surprised how well things went. We would certainly recommend you to our friends and family. – Alex and Victoria Shtein

No matter how much i say about this Great and compassionate person who happens to be a doctor. I just had a chance to see Dr Greenberg for my sons’ circumsicion. I cant believe that such kind people do exist in this world who take pride in taking genuine care for human beings. I wish if he was accepting new patients. Great Doctor! he cured me of an opiate addiction, after the first visit. always on time,respectful, treats you like an equal, and actually cured me of my fear of doctors! super,cool Doctor. Highly recommend him! – Steve Brown(Brampton)

ONE OF THE BEST DOCTORS IN TORONTO.very knowlegeable, very professional, great person, great doctor!
Doc G, he saved my life, when no other doctor listened to me, took me seriously, or gave a crap, THIS DR CARES for not only me, HUMAN BEINGS.. YOU ARE NOT A NUMBER AND HE IS APPROACHABLE, EASY TO TALK TO AND HE HAS A SENSE OF HUMOR… HE WONT MAKE YOU FEEL LIKE HES THE DR AND YOU ARE JUST THIS PERSON TO RUSH OUT OF HIS OFFICE. TRY TO GET THIS DR… he will help yoou when no one else will because he is committed to what he went to school for, and he takes pride in seein you get well. thanks dr. greenberg. we all think your great so i am really talking for several of your patients as well, that is why i know your reputation.. people talk in the waiting room,, if you have a problem with your doctor just ask other patients and see whats the deal… i have had 3 doctors of horror until dr.g.
This wonderful doctor returned my intial phone call within 15 minutes and saw me as a new patient within 48 hours of that same phone call. He diagnosed and began treatment on that initial visit and frankly saved my life
I have been with DR Mark Greenberg For several years and have not found in my 49 years of being alive a finer more peofessional caring Doctor he has helped me and seveal of my associates with addictions and family medical care, and is very understanding when it comes to your concerns, he keeps a very tight ship and has the heart of a angel when it comes to making the right decisions for our needs, If all Doctors followed his leed we would be in the best hands in all the world,my wife is a Legel assistant and I a equipment engineer and when it comes to threading a needle threw a microscopic hole there is no other Doctor we would have at the Helm but Mr Mark Greenburg. Bless him greatly!!! #1
When we found out we were having a boy my husband and I immediately knew that we wanted Dr. Greenberg to perform his Brit Mila. Dr Greenberg has become the resident Mohel for our family as he has now performed our son’s Bris as well as our two sets of nephews on both sides of the family. Thanks for everything! We recommend Dr. Greenberg to anyone looking for a professional and compassionate mohel.
– Steve Brown(Brampton)